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Photography, graphic design and website creation are my main activities and are also part of my many hobbies.

I participate to many websites on a professional or personal basis on various subjects such as architectural and street photography, art in general and graphic design, design and ergonomics, and other subjects related to the internet such as SEO and privacy.

Below, discover a sample of my multiple activities!

Perenigrations and architectural shots

Architecture photographer's blog

Professional photo studio

Photo studio in Lyon, France

Artistic experiments

Art Conceptuel (Site privé)

Professional Activities

Internet & graphic design

After 10 years of experience as an art director in an advertising agency and then as a graphic designer in an agency specialized in packaging, I set up a web agency in Lyon in 1999: the multimedia design studio A Kom Zanzibar, more particularly specialized in the creation of websites, databases, graphic charts and communication.

Studio photography

In 2015, in Villeurbanne, France, I created the professional photo studio Zebureau initially intended for rental and featuring a showroom available for small art exhibitions and a shared photo studio space for photographers.

From 2017 I started to perform for my clients as a packshot photographer, fashion photographer and de Portrait photographer.

Architecture photography

Since 2018, I have also been developing my original passion for architecture by specializing in architectural photography.

I also contribute to various thematic blogs.

Artistic creation

In progress...

These activities are still all current even if I now prefer photography, so visit my main websites and ! contact me !

Thierry Allard


Here is an extract of the social networks on which you can find me. I'm there mostly out of professional obligation in order to develop some of my activities and advise or help my clients.

Social networks are a paradigm to which I do not adhere. Fervent defender of freedom and privacy, very informed on the issue of personal data protection on the Internet, I am philosophically opposed to these systems that turn us into products, spy on our lives by siphoning our personal data.

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